2007 Chardonnay, Russian River Valley

The Vineyard

Our family began its grape growing traditions in the Russian River Valley when Henry Rued planted a vineyard in the region in the 1880s. Today, we farm a small vineyard in the heart of the Russian River Valley where Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are cultivated. The fog that reliably covers the region during the morning hours of the growing season help to create time on the vine by slowing the Chardonnay’s ripening.

Tasting Notes and Observations

“Balance” is the watchword with our 2007 Russian River Valley Chardonnay. In its aromas, flavors and body, this wine displays lovely balance of all its components. It begins with a light golden color that is crisp and bright. Immediately, however, you’ll note the aromas of stone fruits, apple, lemon and freshly baked pralines. In the mouth there is a flinty and minerally quality that folds into a weightiness on the finish. And the finish is long. We hope you’ll enjoy the apple and lemon flavors that combine with and balanced by notes of lemon meringue and minerals.


This Chardonnay will pair with a variety of dishes, but we urge you to pour it with pork served with apple sauce, pasta in a white sauce or a robust swordfish dish.

2007 Rued Chardonnay, Russian River Valley